Deciding to walk..... because I wanted to do.

Last Thursday, I dropped my wifes car off at the repair shop to get checked out and brought a camera for a photo walk- the 2.5 miles home. That was the plan. While in the shop, they offered me a ride home and I accepted, then juggled thoughts in my head.

Why had I said yes? Was I being lazy? Did I even want a ride home? What did my to-do list look like for the afternoon. My inner voice was kind and explorative.

When we finished with the paperwork - I declined the ride and started on the walk home. It took about an hour. It was an awesome hour. A beautiful Houston winter day with blue skies and a crispness in the air. Here are some of the images captured on the walk. Which one is your favorite?

Years ago, my self talk would have been dualistic and pragmatic. I would have taken the ride home, even though I really did not want to because there was so much "work" to do and because I had already accepted the ride.

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