Medicine Stories Online by Gareth Higgins and David Wilcox

There are wonderful humans and then there are wonderful humans. Garath and David are two wonderful humans in tandem, in partnership, in sync. Christa surprised me with a Medicine Stories Retreat a few years ago at a home in Santa Monica. It was a loving experience, full of exploration, storytelling, deconstructing my personal mythology and restructuring them. Our cohort was full of diverse people on their life path. It was an honor to travel the road with them with David and Garath's guidance, laughter and music.

This is an opportunity not to miss.

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An Experience of Words, Music, Art, Peace, and Community.

About this Event An Experience of Words, Music, Art, Peace, and Community with Storytelling, Laughter, Expansive Ideas, and New Friends You are invited to renew and be inspired with Americana musician David Wilcox and Irish storyteller Gareth Higgins. David and Gareth usually offer a weekend retreat at this time of year, and we look forward to being able to do so again, but for 2021, we're doing a condensed event online: a reunion for previous attendees, and a new experience for friends we haven't met yet. We'll listen to music and story, exploring how the stories we tell shape our lives. Whatever you're leaning into in 2021, Medicine Stories is an invitation to pause, regather, and reimagine a better story together. Gareth and David are known as eloquent and humane guides to healing your own story and transforming the complexity of our lives into a gift to ourselves and the world. New sounds, deep stories, laughter, and some rich conversation will form the heart of this soulful experience. We're inviting folks to pay only what you can afford to participate - and if you can share more, it will help us make the event accessible to folks who might not be able to afford it. Questions? Email More details on Dave and Gareth's work can be found at and PLEASE NOTE: Link to attend via Zoom will be emailed to all registered participants no later than 30 minutes prior to the event start time.

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